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Golf Training Aids

Some golf swing training aids actually work! There are so many choices out there when it comes golf swing training aids, and most of them won't work at all for you (pure snake oil). However, there are some golf swing training aids that are awesome to have and use. The trick is findind the right ones before you go crazy and broke. Trust me, I've spent a boat load of money trying to find the perfect golf swing training aids, and I have. You can count on the following training aids to really help you make a change in your golf swing. 


With almost a century of playing golf under my belt I've found what I consider to be one of the best golfswing training aids. 

The ProSENDR is being used many professional golfers right now. It's a new product on the market and it's truly a game changer. This training aid will most diffently help you find the correct wist angle and help you re-program your brain. The hands are absolutly the most important part of controlling the club face/golf ball, and this golf swing training aid will really help you in this area.

I've worked with players for months trying to teach them what this device helped me teach them in one lesson.

Shifting your weight back and forth during your golf swing is a skill most golfer completly don't understand and can't do correctly. It's a skill, and it needs to be taught and learned. Without doing this correctly you will struggle with inconsistent shots and a lack of power. Do this correctly and you will develop a much more efficeient, consistent and powerful golf swing.

This is a must have golf swing training aid no matter what your skill level curreently is. Own it, use and watch how fast you become the golfer you've been trying to become.

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When it comes to learning how to improve ball contact the Tour Striker 7iron golf swing trainng aid is hard/tough to beat. This club was designed to teach golfers how to deliver the club face to the ball putting the emphasis on the sweet-spot of the face.

If you want to learn how to hit the sweet-spot with your irons this golf swing training aid is another must have. Your ball striking will diffenitly get better, and fast.

Tour Striker makes a PW, 7 Iron and a Tour Striker Pro X 7. My advice is to go right to the hardest one to hit. The Tour Striker Pro X 7, and learn to hit it. 

The Tour Striker Pro X 7 Iron is geared for the serious golfer that wants to take their game and ball striking to the next level.

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