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Golf Equipment

I can't carry everything, but what what I do carry I believe in with all my heart! There are so many choices out there when it comes to picking your golf equipment, and those choices are always changing. What's best today won't be what's best tomorrow with some manufacturers. Over the years I've identified some brands that really stand out against the others and believe it or not they don't change their equipment every year claiming to have come up with something better. The following is a list of brands you can count on for true game-changing technology and superior quality.


New Level Golf offers a golf club design for every golfer no matter their current skill level. From their gi22 which is a great club for any golfer needing a massive amount of game improvement help. Their 623-MB forged irons are great golf clubs for anybody wanting a small clean looking iron that feels like butter and allows for maximum workability.

My personal favorites are the 902-PD and the 902-OS forged irons. These irons are truly incredible when it comes to true players distance irons. From their buttery soft feeling to their forgivingness and workability. These irons are tuff to beat, very affordable and stunning to look at...

These are the best clubs you have never seen!

The best golfers in the world have mastered every shot in the game, but even for them putting is an entirely separate challenge. One day they can make everything, and the next day they cannot buy a putt.

In every golfer’s life, every golfer has thought, “I truly suck at putting,” and this feeling is just not true. What they really need is a putter with better science on their side and putting lesson or two.


Un-Torque Yourself!


Game Changing SMS and SMS Pro Irons, revolutionary SMS Tri Weight Wedges, and high performance EAS Putters.

Edel golf strives to innovate and develop ground-breaking products that shift the thinking of the golf equipment industry. Their extensive club design and engineering expertise allows them to continually push the envelope of equipment technology and the fitting processes.

Your Clubs Can't Do This!

High Performance Golf Shafts


The World's Best Golf Shafts

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